Siddharth's Garuda
Grade 4th,PSBB LLA,India.

Rocket- Garuda
The mission is to study the requirements to set up a camp on Mars for the astronauts researching Mars. The rocket will land on Mars.
The components of the rocket are:
1. Crew and Payload: 2 Astronauts and 1 rover
2. Rover- Carrying all the scientific instruments required to collect samples about the soil, water, air and other information about the atmosphere on Mars.
3. Nose Cone: Where the payload is placed. This also houses the cabins for the crew
4. Fuel: Liquid Methane with Liquid Oxygen as the Oxidizer
5. Feed System: Pump fed system
6. Oxidizer Tank
7. Fuel Tank
8. Combustion Chamber
9. Boosters
10. Nozzle
11. Asteroid Detector
12. Guidance System