Dhanush's Annam Sat 1
7th grade, Alain Juniors, UAE

ABOUT AnnaiSat - 1
Annai Sat - 1 is a satellite which studies the climate, the Martian atmosphere AND HOW THE HYDROGEN DISAPPEARED IN MARS in depth. The satellite is powered by solar panels and the design of the satellite is made by Danush Kumar, a 7th grade student studying in Alain Juniors School in Alain, UAE. The design of the satellite looks like a swan. Annam means Swan in Tamil language.

Parts of the Satellite
The Blue colored camera is the High resolution camera where it can see a 360 degree view and it is a multi band 12 megapixel imager too. To the right, the red coloured camera is the star tracker. It is because there is no GPS in space, star tracking is a method where the satellite uses the patterns of constellations to track and continue the journey to Mars.


This is the Signal RecTrans (Receiver/Transmitter). It sends the processed data to the agency and receives instructions from the agency. Messages travel through space as radio waves, just like the radio waves that you receive with a car radio. Each spacecraft has a transmitter and a receiver for radio waves as well as a way of interpreting the information received and acting on it.

This is the Annai Data Processor. It studies the Martian atmosphere and Martian weather in detail. It sends the data to the Signal RecTrans. It sends information regarding :- scientific datas (like the pictures the satellite took, studies of martian atmosphere and etc.),the health of the satellite, and where the satellite is currently located in space.

These are the Solar Panels. They are foldable to fit in the nose cone of the rocket