Chaitanya's High Octane
7th Grade, Delhi World Public School,India.

This Rocket is peculiarly delineated for Mars. The main purpose of High Octane is to study the surface of Phobos which is the largest moon of Mars. For that it will be taking off from Mars and landing on Phobos. The payload in this rocket is a rover with all the scientific apparatus to study its surface. It is a liquid propellant rocket which uses Liquid Oxygen as the oxidizer and Methane as the fuel.

Parts of my rocket are:
1. Nose Cone: This is the part where the payload (rover) is placed.
2. Guidance System: This section helps in the guidance of the rocket.
3. Fuel Tank: This includes Methane.
4. Oxidizer Tank: This includes Liquid Oxygen.
5. Piping System: Which is used to transfer propellant from tank to the combustion chamber.
6. Combustion Chamber: This is where the propellant is burned to produce the exhaust.
7. Nozzle: To expand and exhaust the gases, which results in the formation of thrust.
8. Camera: To take pictures of the surface of the Phobos.