Arjuna's My Space Udan
Grade 7th, Mayoor Private School,UAE

My space udaan project is a satellite to mars. It contains a basic square frame with an extension for additional parts on the satellite. Its orbit will be about a 1000 km away from mars. It has two rotating solar panels built into the frame. The solar panels store their power into batteries. In the exterior it contains 6 RCS(reaction control system) thrusters to adjust its orbit or/and change its orbit to avoid small meteors or asteroids as they can provide thrust in all directions. There is also a shallow radar to look for frozen water and good, flat spots for landing rockets or probes. It uses radar waves within 20 to 25 mhz The radar wave return is captured by the antenna which is sensitive to the reflective characteristics of rock and frozen water.

In the bottom of the satellite there is a high quality Mars camera which reveal small scale structures and the geologic structures and landscape evolution. right next to it there is a thermal camera to see the heat zones of the mars and to see the humidity of the mars atmosphere. A climate sounder located near the thruster sees the temperature , humidity , dust content and dust storms ; scientists can use this information to see the climate circulates and sees changes in the temperature. And there is the parabolic antenna which can convey information in real time.

There is a star finder for the satellite which it uses to check it’s orbit and make adjustments to its orbit. Now let's go into the interior of the satellite.The first thing which will catch your eye in the interior is the radioisotope generator the radioisotope thermoelectric generator works by converting the heat released by an isotope(an unstable particle which constantly decays energy) into electricity as solar panels give a limited amount of energy and is unreliable but this is only to be used once the solar panels stop giving energy or as they go to the back of the planet as then the sun can't be seen some of the excess energy is stored into the battery or radiated as heat and gotten rid by the radiator fins.

There are reaction wheels that can quickly stabilize the craft in case of an accidental spin as fuel is a scarce resource and should not be wasted. but it cannot provide the use of rcs. There are two fuel tanks(orange for fuel, blue for oxidizer) that use liquid hydrogen for fuel And liquid oxygen for oxidizer as they spontaneously combust when mixed and ignited into a liquid rocket engine.
(Inspired by NASA's mars reconnaissance orbiter and ISRO’s mangalyaan satellite.)