Aliya's Hope Probe
Grade 7th, Al Ain Juniors School,UAE.

UAE mars mission:
Facts about the hope probe The hope probe mission is known as AL-Amal in Arabic.
The hope probe was launched on 20th july 2020.
The launch location wasTanegashima Space Centre ,japan,
The duration of the Mars mission is one martian year.

Hope probe details:
Antenna is used to communicate at 1.85m.
Weight is 1350 kg including fuel.
600 watt solar panels to charging batteries
Dimensions are 3m* 7.9m with solar panels open

Purpose of hope probe:

Hope probe is tasked to provide the first ever complete picture of the Martian atmosphere.
The space probe will study daily and seasonal weather cycles.
It is also used to find out why losing hydrogen and oxygen into space.

Mars orbit insertion:
It was a nail biting moment for UAE space engineers at Mohammed bin Rashid space Center,Dubai.

Mission accomplished : Arabs in mars
The hope probe successfully entered into mars orbit on february 9th.