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Tejas' Project

Terrific Quiz on General Knowledge

This is the quiz to check your general knowledge and earn 100 points on every correct answer!
1. Click on “RUN” button below to run the program.
2. Check the questions and answer it by writing a or b or c or d.
3. On answering the questions correct, earn 100 marks per questions
4. Enjoy the quiz!
Name: Tejas Battepatti
Grade: 6
  Great learning experience for Tejas. He looks forward for the class. Friendly approach focused on making the child learn
Parents of Tejas Battepatti

Teacher Testimonial

  Tejas is a bright kid. He is sharp in grasping the concepts. He is full of energy and that impressed me the most. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with him. All the very best
Ashwini Ramesh
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