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Tanishq's Project

Randomiser using Python

In this game you will have to guess a number and if you guess the correct number.
You win a set and if you win 3 sets, then you win the game!

To make this game simpler if you guess the number
50 and the secret number is 60 which you don't know. It will print 'You are close' as the number 50 is in the range of 40-80 which is less 20 less than 60 which is 40 and 20 more than 60 which is 80. And after that you guess the number 55. It will print 'You are very close' as it is between the range 55-65. 60-5==55 and 60+5=65 and when you guess the number you win the set. But you have to guess the number in just 10 tries.
1. Click on the “RUN” button below to run the program.
2. Enter 1 or 2 or 3 to select the Levels.
3. Follow the instructions given and enjoy the game!
Name: Tanishq Malhotra
Grade: 7
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