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Sanshray's Project

Harry Potter's Trivia

About Sanshray

Sanshray Kumar Chakraborty is the eldest son to Commander S K Chakraborty and Mrs. Pragati K Chakraborty.

He's a smart 10 year old with many accolades in his repertoire at an early age. He's been a keen artist who has won awards in pan navy competitions.

Apart from being a good student at school, he's excelled in other traits that require application and soft skills like winning Spell Bee and Logic Olympiad where he's a rank holder on an International level. Please see attached certificate for the same.

Like all boys, he gets excited with the mention of football and has represented school in MSSA 2018 and is also a tennis enthusiast. It was his insistence that we enrolled him for after he took multiple demos across platforms.

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Sanshray's project details:

We wish him luck in this new endeavor of coding and his new quiz is a tribute to his love for " Harry Potter" series whose books and movies are now his newfound indulgence. Try out the quiz and find out how much about Harry Potter you know!

Name: Sanshray Kumar Chakraborty
Grade: 6


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