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Samarth's Project

Digital Digit Visualizer

About Samarth

Samarth is 7 years old, a 2nd grade kid who is passionate about Math and Coding. He self-learns math concepts and keeps exploring advanced math. His interest expands to being a Math-magician. His hobbies include SpeedMath, Magic, Cubing, Taekwondo, RollerSkates
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Samarth’s project details:

Samarth is one of our youngest student and has created a program to draw the digits using turtle and a combination if multiple python programming concepts. In the below program, enter any number between 0 to 9 and you will see step by step progress of the cursor to draw the digit. This program requires high-level logical thinking, sequencing skill along with skill to breakdown the problem into small steps. It’s wonderful to see at such a young age Samarth has this ability and we can’t wait to see what will Samarth create next .
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Name: Samarth Vaibav
Grade: 2
  Samarth had great 'fun' learning the Python concepts. GiveMeFive is an amazing platform for kids to start exploring their coding skills which maps to the real time software development. I appreciate the instructor's interest in walking through the lessons in the way my kid could understand at this young age and enhance his interest and perception about coding.
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