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Rhimsha fathima's Project


About Rimsha Fathima

Myself Rimsha Fathima. A 13-year old teen. I am studying in Indian School Al ain. I am Passionate about learning Coding and also about Science. I Love acquiring knowledge. I see myself as a Coder/Front-end Web Developer in the near future. I always keep myself engaged in various things like Reading, Researching, Coding. By learning Python I understood the Importance of Logical building. I am looking forward to learning other coding languages, such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc. Enjoyed learning with Givemefive !.

Rhimsha fathima's project details:

I have built a quiz using Python. And this quiz here isn't case sensitive It won't give you an error if you use lower or upper case alphabets for options. This quiz is all about the country U.A.E.It has 10 questions with 4 options for each question. For each correct answer, you get 20 marks.


This is my first ever Website ! I have included a lot of Fascinating stuff like quizzes , Essay , Story and much more. In addition to that I have also included my Acheivements. I have made a very colourful website with various colours. I'm looking forward to creating more advanced Websites in the Future.

Name: Rimsha Fathima
Grade: 7
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