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Raaghav's Project

Raaghav's Creative Corner

About Raaghav

A leader is one that who is courageous, truthful, kind, smart, motivative, responsible, helpful and friendly.
Hi to all my dear friends who are viewing my project. I am Raaghav A.M a boy born on 13 th December 2009, my hobbies are playing cricket , badminton and watching television. I am also a very talkative and naughty boy.  I am an studying student who has very good grades . I also like making people happy and see them happy. I want to become a good leader, a good human being, a Stanford graduate and a businessman in life. My favourite cricket player is Ms Dhoni, Virat Kohli. I also request you to follow your passion and never give up in life.

Raaghav's project details:

In my project there is a lot of things you may learn. I have given my best to make it look good. It is about myself ,my school and many more things. It is something very new that I have tried. I also want to thank givemefive and my ma’am Ramya Baskar for supporting me I’m sure your eager and you must check it out.


Name: Raaghav A M
Grade: 8
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