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Pablo's Project

Hangman Game

About Pablo

My name is Pablo Rodriguez, and I am in 8th Grade. One of my favorite things to do is to study the natural sciences; such as biology, chemistry, and geology. I also enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction books.

Pablo's project details:

Hangman is a popular game that is played in many places around the world. For my project, I decided to make this game playable through Python. The goal of the game is to guess a mystery word off of guessing letters correctly one at a time.
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2. This is very interesting. And I hope you all would surely enjoy and like it.
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import random
print(" ")
print("Welcome to Hangman!")
words = [["m","o","u","s","e"],["p","l","a","n","e"],["p","h","o","n","e"],["p","a","r","t","y"],
rounds = int(input("How many rounds do you want to play?(Enter a number): "))
r = 0
while r < rounds:
    fails = 0
    a = 0
    spots = ["_", "_", "_", "_", "_"]
    currentword = random.choice(words)
    print("Round", r + 1)
    while a < 5 and fails < 15:
        if a == 0 and fails == 0:
            guess = str(input("""
_ _ _ _ _

    Guess any letter: """))
            guess = str(input("Guess another letter: "))
        for i in range(0,5):
            if guess in spots[i]:
                print("You already guessed", guess)  #in case the user selects again a succesful letter
            if guess in currentword[i] and guess not in spots[i]:
                a += 1
        if guess not in currentword:
            fails += 1
        if fails == 15:
            print("""You lose. Better luck next time
You guessed the wrong letter 15 times
The correct answer was""", currentword[0]+currentword[1]+currentword[2]+currentword[3]+currentword[4]+'.')
    r += 1
print("Thanks for Playing!!!")
Name: Pablo Rodriguez
Grade: 8
  My son loves his Python course. He has now become very interested in coding and he has learned a lot. He also has a great instructor. I would definitely recommend the course.
Parents of Pablo Rodriguez
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