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Nived's Project

Harry Potter Quiz

About Nived

I am Nived Nair and my dream is to become a digital content creator for mostly Video games and videos, which is why I enrolled in givemefive to learn coding ( An essential part of achieving my dream career). I like spending my time playing Video Games. Because of my love for video games I also created a youtube channel to post videos of me playing Games.

Nived's project details:

I also love reading books and I have read one of the most famous fiction Novels, Harry Potter and absolutely loved reading the series. I am a harry potter fan which gave me the idea of making a Sorting Hat quiz which determines which house you go into. The four houses are Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. The answer you give to the questions given will determine which you will be sorted into.


Name: Nived Nair
Grade: 8
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