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Jahaan's Project

About Jahaan Pardhanani:
I am 9 years old and in 4th grade. I love music, technology, and innovation.
I love coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. I am amazed with all the things technology could help us with in the future. I love teaching other kids to code and it makes me really happy.
I love playing piano. I play Sweet Child o’ Mine, Radioactive, November Rain, Bad Liar, Faded, Ignite, Alone, Darkside, Girls Like You, Its Been So Long (FNAF2), and Mayday on the piano.
My favorite genre of music is EDM and Rock. My favorite musicians and bands are Alan Walker, Guns N’ Roses, Imagine Dragons, and The Living Tombstone.

When I grow up I will be an inventor and a musician. I have created my own company called firetech. I would also like to compose and produce my own music that makes people happy and cheerful. You can check my official website here:

My second project: Entity Extraction I have built an application where you can find famous places, people, brands, and events in documents! Try it out!

My third project: Minions Project For the Minion lovers, I have created an application using Python Framework with API integration, along with HTML/CSS and Javascript . Using this application anyone can enter English text and get it translated to Minioneese Language. Enjoy!

My fourth project: Question & Answer Forum App In this application, any kid can register and ask questions to other kids who are experts in different topics and get it clarified. I have used advanced database concepts in this project along with Python framework. It was super fun to work on this project and hope you like it!

Name: Jahaan Pardanani
Grade: 4
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