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Elsa's Project

Stars and Sky

About Elsa

Elsa enjoys learning the basics of Python with Ms Ramya. The lessons are age appropriate, structured using patterns, visuals and projects that appeals to her young mind. Thank you.
I like video games, watching TV, and reading books (mostly thick books). I also like writing! I wrote my first book called The Hawk’s Jewel.

Elsa's project details:

The project randomizes many different stars in many different places. The background colour is black. Watch it make beautiful artwork below in the project box! I hope you enjoy the project!
1. Click on the “RUN” button below to run the program.
2. This is very interesting. And I hope you all would surely enjoy and like it.
Click on
play icon below to run the code and see the magic unfolding.
Name: Elsa Khairil
Grade: 3
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  Elsa enjoys learning the basics of Python with Ms. Ramya. The lessons are age-appropriate, structured using patterns, visuals, and projects that appeal to her young mind. Thank you
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