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Bhargavi' Project

Human Anatomy parts

About Bhargavi

Hello my name is Bhargavi Sivasankaran. I am studying in grade 7 , NMS-DPS Bahrain and I am 12 years old. My hobbies include playing chess , Sketching and colouring , Playing Badminton , Coding , Learning Bharatanatyam and Playing Keyboard.

Bhargavi's project details:

1. This explains you about the main Internal Organs of the Human Being.
2. Click on the “RUN” button below to run the program.
3. This is very interesting. And I hope you all would surely enjoy and like it.
Click on
play icon below to run the code and see the magic unfolding.

Solar Panel Project

Name: Bhargavi Sivasankaran
Grade: 7
  Amazing way to learn about programming languages. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 1 to 1 way of coaching is very efficient. The portal is also efficiently designed to teach programming languages without the need for any installation of software.
The teacher was very good. he was patient, kind and helpful. The child enjoyed the classes.
Parents of Bhargavi Sivasankaran
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