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Bhanu's Project

Brainstorming Covid 19 Quiz

About Bhanu

A passionate and inquisitive learner, a good artist and a man full of dedication are some things that describe myself. Hi, my name is Bhanu Harsha Dasari studying in class 7 G in Birla public School, Doha - Qatar. My hobbies are playing games, watching movies, reading books and playing with my friends. All the time my talents were really appreciated by my friends and teachers. My interest in studies has been increasing ever since through my grades, which also bought me some certificates. Recently, I started python programming and experienced the world of computers. I liked it and added it to my favorite list. It was the simplest programming language that i have ever learnt.

Bhanu's project details:

Brainstorming Covid19 Quiz is about Covid19 and to spread its awareness to people and kids in a fun and interactive way .Through this quiz you will come to know about something surprising about the virus which will shock you. It consists of 12 questions with a certificate in the program. You will get points for the correct answers .I hope you will like it and will understand my message through this Fun quiz. NOW IT'S TIME TO BRAINSTORM YOUR BRAIN .LETS BEGIN!


Name: Bhanu Harsha Dasari
Grade: 7
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