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Avi's Project

Quiz on Mount Rushmore

About Avi

Hello there! My name is Avi. I am from India and I currently live in Bahrain. I was born on february the 4th of 2008. I study in the 7th grade in Bahrain Indian School. I am learning coding from givemefive.

Avi's project details:

This is my coding project on Mount Rushmore. in this quiz, the information will be present so that you can read and attempt all 5 questions. basically, you can call it a reading comprehension!
You will get 10 points for each correct answer.
1. Choose the option by the letter. eg- a,b,c,d
2. This is an MCQ quiz
3. Don't worry, it wont be hard so don't tense out


Name: Avi Malavalli
Grade: 7
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