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Atharva's Project

Atharva's Trivia Quiz

About Atharva

Atharva Aditya Balvalli, Grade 7 student from Bahrain has created a short 5 questions quiz. After answering all the questions, you will be rated between Outstanding to Needs Improvement.

Atharva's project details:

Welcome to Atharva's Trivia Quiz
Atharva has intelligently used many concepts of Python programming to create this quiz. Read the rules of the quiz and also have a look at his code. Check out the cool coloring effect is given when the answer is right and wrong

Every correct answer will give you 100 points but every wrong answer will deduct 10 points

Let’s start the quiz!

Name: Atharva Aditya Balvalli
Grade: 7
  This has been a very good experience for kids. We are very happy in the way the teacher was involved with the kids in terms of explaining the basic concepts being first home learners.
Parents of Atharva Aditya Balvalli
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