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Anugraha's Project

Musical Instruments Facts

About Anugraha

Anugraha is in 4th grade at Indian Trail Elementary school, North Carolina.
Anugraha is a hard-working girl who loves spending time with family and playing with her little sister. Her hobbies include singing, playing piano, drawing, reading, and cooking with her dad. She sings in the children's choir at church. She loves doing musical theatre, acting, and vocal classes at her dance school. She loves running and is part of the girls on the run club at her school. She loves to go on trips. Her favorite subjects are science and social studies. She is an A Honor roll student and won her school spelling bee last 2 years.
When she grows up, she wants to be a Computer Engineer like her mom.

Anugraha's project details:

I developed an interest in coding after attending python classes at givemefive. I made a project using python code to display facts about ten instruments since I love music.
I learned to use loops and user choice to make my project. I have also learned to use turtle import. I enjoyed python and going on to explore HTML next.


  1. Won Terrific kid award at Indian Trail Elementary School
  2. Spelling bee school champion in 2019 and 2020
  3. Children's business fair participant - owns a business inner beauty boutique with her sister Anya.
  4. Miss Pineville crown winner at Pineville pageant
  5. Bible bee top 50 contestants.
  6. Won district townhall managers award for Art.
  7. Completed level 3 in piano
  8. Participated in google for doodle art competition 2021
  9. Participated in girls on the run 5k
  10. Represented lighthouse leadership team in school in 2019
Name: Anugraha
Grade: 4
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