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Aishwarya's Project


About Aishwarya

Hello! I am Aishwarya. You are currently viewing my profile page and I thank you for taking out time and having a look at my project. I am from Abu Dhabi and there are some things you ought to know about me. I am a big POTTERHEAD, a diehard fan of STRANGER THINGS and I love reading crime, suspense and psychological thriller novels. I certainly am into Mandala artworks and calligraphy. Chocolates and food are my sweet spot. Also, I am fond of travelling and MUSIC!!!
Computers have never interested me although I have always dreamt of coding. With GiveMeFive, I am treading on the path of learning to code. I am looking forward to achieving my dream of becoming a programmer and I am truly delighted to have joined this course. Thousand miles to go before I sleep!

Aishwarya's project details:

“THAT’S SO RAVENCLAW” is a fun project which presents the user with facts and quizzes them based on the presented facts. This light-hearted quiz offers you an amazing set of titbits that you can remember on the go.
Here is the link to my website.
See the website I created to show case LEONARDO DA VINCI work.


Name: Aishwarya K S
Grade: 10
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