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Hello everybody! I am Aarit Amey Sapkal! Welcome to my website! I am an eleven year old adventurous boy! I have many hobbies, like, reading, playing, coding, singing, and writing. I study at Our Own Boys High School, in Al Warqa'a, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My ambition is to become a space scientist! My inspiration is derived from what I see around myself, what I see in the world, becomes my inspiration. To really have that feature, is incredible. My inspiration for my ambition is the great Dr. A.P.J. Kalam. I believe that talent has no limits! My pick of the various topics on books are comedy, adventurous, mystery, or even magic! I best like fiction. My favourite sports are chess, soccer, basketball and cricket! I know languages like English, Hindi, French, Marathi and Kannada. Feel free to contact and explore my website, or even to contact me at [email protected]!
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Name: Aarit Sapkal
Grade: 11
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