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Vidyut's Project

About Vidyut: My name is Vidyut Srinivas Tirunelveli Santhanakrishnan.
I am 9 years old in 4th grade. Everyone calls me Vid. I go to Mt. Tabor school. I am turning 10 on June 10. I live in Glenmont commons in New Jersey. I like collecting hot wheels and building legos. I also play with my night vision goggles and I have a soccer ball squishy.

About Project: This is my NASA 4567rt satellite. It has solar panels on either side to provide electrical energy for the functioning of the satellite. The satellite’s body is golden in color because it is a layer that protects it from excess heating. It’s attitude is corrected by a small thruster placed at the aft. For efficient communication between satellite and the ground station a parabolic antenna is used. This satellite is mainly used for earth observation and therefore a camera is placed under the structure.

Name: Vidyut Santhanakrishnan
Grade: 4
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