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Vedang's Project

About Me: My name is Vedang Lalit Churi, I am from India. I study in grade 9 at Nandadeep Vidyalaya. I like to learn about rockets, spacecraft and am super crazy about night sky photography. I have a telescope with which I take photos such as of nebula, moon, and the planets.

JunoV Satellite: Name of your Satellite: JunoV
Mission purpose: Jupiter’s evolution
Number of satellites required: 10
Payload: Infrared Camera
Details of the mission
Orbit type: LJO (Low Jupiter Orbit)
Orbit altitude: 4300KM
Orbit inclination (if required): 22°
Orbit shape: Circular
Orbital velocity: 13.1 km/s
Reason to choose this orbit: Easy to take a look at Jupiter’s red spot closely.
Challenges that the satellite might encounter:
Might get in atmosphere and create drag that might cause satellite to crash into the planet’s atmosphere.
Crashing in of the asteroids of the Asteroid belt.
Precautionary measures taken for the same: Accurate measurement of the route
Type of sensor: Planet sensors
Type of thermal control system: Radiators

This is the telescopic image of Orion Nebula

This is the telescopic image of Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction which happened in December 2020
Name: Vedang Lalit Churi
Grade: 9
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