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The Lunar Campers' lunar base Project

About Team: I am Vivaan Shah
I am Saavir sumedh waghmare
I am Fayez Ahmed
I am Sudhir Ramesh
I am Suhayl Abutaha

About project: Our camp’s name is lunar campers, and we chose this name because it sounded very cool, and we want to camp on the moon when we grow up. We will have 5-6 people in our camp so it is easy to control, and they will stay there approximately 1 -2 years to find out and explore the moon entirely. In our camp we will find out if an animal can grow in space and if the moon soil is fertile enough for plants to grow. Our camp has about 12 to 13 rooms. We have a garage as a unique thing because it is cool to have a garage in space or on the moon. We will study the moon rocks and other things we find there. We will have a main hub, kitchen, oxygen room, entertainment room, lab, bedroom, power generator, storage, garage, a bathroom, a changing room, and an airlock. It has the rooms of a rocket because if one day, the moon gets destroyed, they can escape through the airlock to a nearby station. It also has a small greenhouse, animal farm, and a water filter to use one of the water-gaining processes. There will be an emergency escape pod that fits the whole crew, and it will be in the garage.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Shackleton crater

Why did you choose this location?

We chose the Shackleton crater because it has a lot of room for us to build our camp and no bump or bad area will be there and there will also be a wall to protect us, and it is also important to be safe from any bad weather as we have high walls to protect us from that also. It has a lot of stone to be used as support, which makes building the base easier. This will be perfect for researching, and the big space inside can be used to exercise and walk around.
How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

To build our moon camp, we will use 3D printers as it is fast and easy. Then we use robots to build our moon camp as they don’t run out of energy and finish it in a little time. The list of items supplied from the earth are vacuum cleaners, bathroom utensils, packed food, packed seed to grow plants over there, and solar panels to get more energy. The things we will use in the moon are moon rocks as we can use them to build a concrete wall for any radioactive area and use the ice to make water.

How do you plan to provide the astronauts with the follwoing things?


We will use the urinal extraction method to get water, or we will send our ice mine robots to extract water from ice, but we will just carry a little contained water from the earth for cooking. We will use the water filtration technique which uses an automated machine to remove the waste from water and re-use it. The water will be used to wash hands, drink, and water the plants.


We get ingredients that have no crumbs and make food in space. There will be a small hatch to the greenhouse (a small little room nobody can fit into and can only reach their hands) and the greenhouse will be compact, and it’ll fit all the needed plants that we need to eat. There will be glass on top of the small room and glass in the ceiling above it so that the plants get sunlight, and there will be an automatic watering system that waters them the right amount every 6 hours.


We will put solar panels outside to get energy. The solar panels will recharge the batteries and power the entire camp. If the sun is blocked by something, the batteries will act as the power source until the sun is unblocked. But we cannot just rely on our solar panels, so we have a gym area where astronauts run on a treadmill to produce mechanical energy and that is converted to get electrical energy. Moreover, when they run out of power we have a uranium power generator to power our base.


There is an oxygen room and tanks scattered around the base. The oxygen room has an algae ground, covered by glass with small holes. The O2 from algae is stored in the tanks. From the water extraction method, we know that water contains oxygen so we can send some water to the oxygen room then our high-tech robots will extract all the oxygen and we also use the electrolysis method to get air. If both fail, the greenhouse has emergency hatches that blend with the floor so that the humans can inhale the oxygen from there.


There will be thermal protection using insulators around the walls. The walls are very strong, so it’s hard for asteroids to hit them. There will be layers of glass for the windows, and the same applies to most walls.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

The astronauts will wake up at 8:30 in the American time zone. They have breakfast, go to the bathroom, and wear their suits. They finish at 9:15 and get to work. The moon rocks and conducts experiments for an hour before patrolling and looking for more rocks to study. They then rest for 1 hour, check on the systems, write reports on incoming asteroids or if the sun gets blocked, and then eat lunch from 1 00 until 2 00. They talk with the rest of the crew for 30 minutes, and then they have 5 hours and 30 minutes to do the following tasks in any order: Check all systems work, check on the plants, check the airlock doors work, check the battery is charged, and way more.

Name: Vivaan Shah
Age: 10
Name:Saavir sumedh waghmare
Age: 9
Name: Fayez Ahmed
Age: 12
Name:Sudhir Ramesh
Age: 9
Name: Suhayl Abutaha
Age: 11
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