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Srihari's Project

About Srihari: Srihari is mostly mystic. Interested in chess, once in a while write stories,solve puzzles and select video games too. Most of free time spent with his toys and the Lego, WeDo set, modelling new machines or robots. Hobbies are reading, Music, Chess, Lego WeDo and Cycling. He is a soft friendly kid with an ambition of being an astronaut.

Image processing: Generally the image obtained by a telescope is dark and hardly any details are visible. Therefore, image processing helps astronomers to get a clearer picture of the night sky with the help of that they can analyse the events in space. Here are the processed pictures of Crab Nebula and Dumb-bell Nebula. The one on the left of each image is original image as obtained by telescope and the one on right is the processed image.

Name: Srihari Shaiju
Grade: 8


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