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Shanmathi's Project

About Me: I am Shanmathi Vinoth, a student of The Central School Dubai , UAE in Grade 7.

3D Rocket Model:

I am very thankful to my teacher and , she taught me a lot about rocket's and our Indian history of rockets. Also she taught me about making rockets in 3D.
I made this Falcon 9 rocket’s 3D model. I took a reference picture to do this 3D model and I tooks 30 minutes to complete this model.
This is a 2 stage rocket placed in serial configuration. This has the capacity to take cargo and even Astronauts to the International Space Station. The best part of this rocket is that the 1st stage can re-land safely on Earth and it can be reused. Thus saving money and environment.

Name: Shanmathi Vinoth
Grade: 7
Be the Next Astronaut like :