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Sanvi's Project

Space Science Testimonial

During the COVID-19 pandemic ,as a student with no school there was nothing to do .My life usually revolved around school and school work but when there was no school,there was nothing to do.That was the time I found out about the Givemefive’s online courses.It was so wonderful to have something to do .Space science was something we would never get to learn in school. It had a very interactive and dedicated teacher who was ever ready to answer your questions no matter how many you ask or how much sense it actually made. The thing which made the course special was it’s content ,it had a very well refined and interesting content.I personally would never have imagined in my wildest dreams how a satellite worked or how a rocket contributed in the launch of satellites.A very special feature about this course was the activities the portions had to offer,even if you don’t understand theoretically you can always rely on activities like gravity and orbits which shows the importance of the balance between gravity and centrifugal forces! We got fun and interesting assignments which made you think in a hundred different angles. We have a quiz at the end of the session which made it a point, for us to stay focused throughout the session.The others who took the course with me were from other parts of the world which made me very happy because I had connections with people from other parts of the world.Which gave me access to
different cultures and learning methods .Taking the course with other people made it a lot more interesting as other people have other ways of thinking .You get answers to doubts you never thought about. The course not only gave knowledge about satellites and space stations it also answers questions such as, why our solar system is completely in order?It gives us information about the history of humans in space.It also gives us information about different space agencies from around the world and rules and regulations space agencies have to follow.I had never given satellites and space much of thought before this course but as it started I relate everything to space.Finally this course has given me immense knowledge about the space in the best way I could learn which any book or the internet could never give.

- Sanvi Shankar

Teacher Testimonial

  Sanvi is a very good listener and a keen observer. She could understand complex concepts with ease. Her in-situ character in activities impressed me the most. I wish her all the best
Ashwini Ramesh
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