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Sanjay's Project

About Me: I am Sanjay Addepalli from 8th grade. I live in Dubai, U.A.E and I am 13 years old. I am very passionate about space facts and I like researching about space. My hobbies are playing cricket and reading factual and interesting books.

About project: This is a cardboard rover which has a capability to travel 8 feet in average. I have used cardboard, polo candies, rubber band and wooden sticks for this purpose. The rover can also dodge some obstacles like sheet of paper, book, and pencil etc. The rover works, when we rotate the stick at the rear end of the rover, the rover goes in the opposite direction in an equal force, just explained in the Newton’s 3rd law. By this rover, we also learn the examples of torque, distance covered by a number of rotations, force by tension of rubber-band, etc.

Name: Sanjay
Grade: 8
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