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Saikavin's Project

About Me: Hello, my name is Saikavin Rajarajeswaran, but everyone calls me Kavin. I live in Frisco, TX. I go to the School of Pearson Middle School. I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. My hobbies include playing sports, watching sports, and playing video games with my friends. In the future I want to become a businessman and have a space division and make rockets that people think are impossible.

Project title: NASA Martian Rocket

I worked a lot on this project and put in a lot of background details like the building and the people. The parts of my rocket are:
1. Fins: It helps with the stability of the rocket
2. Nose Cone: Has the payload inside of it which has a human inside of it
3. Nozzle: Generate thrust to help the rocket push off of the ground
4. Fuel Tank: Provides fuel for the rocket
5. Oxidizer Tank: Type of chemical a fuel needs to burn
6. Combustion Chamber: It is for burning the propellant
7. The Body Tube: It forms the main body of a rocket.

Name: Saikavin Rajarajeswaran
Grade: 6
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