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Ram's Project

About Ram: My name is Ram Raghuwanshi. I study in 8th std of DAV Public School, Aundh, Pune. I am 13 years old. My hobby is to study about universe. I like to study about Mars.

About Project: My Mars project consists of the following vehicles:
1) An Orbiter
2) Solar Montgolfier balloon
3) fixed wing autonomous aircraft

This plane will come out from Solar Montgolfier when Solar Montgolflier is damaged or stops working (due to night).

The aircraft has an “Asymmetric Airfoil” so that it can gain lift even when AOA is 0. It also contains “Helium” inside the wings to provide additional lift. Plus it has “Solar panels” for energy.

The aircraft has following control surfaces:
1) Ailerons for “Roll control”
2) Vertical stabilizer with rudders for “Yaw control”
3) Horizontal stabilizer with elevator for “Pitch control”
4) Flaps and slats for additional lift force

Name: Ram Raghuwanshi
Grade: 8
Be the Next Astronaut like :