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Pranav Narayan Narkhede's Project

About Me: Hello, I am Pranav studying in 5th grade, My name of model is The Rover of Moon

About project: Body of the Rover

The body of the rover is the main part of the rover. It is covered by the layer of titanium for protecting the astronauts. It has three widows both left and right side. It has one camera and one Antenna Dish. It has three chairs. One long and two short. It has one air pump and one oxygen pressure maintain system. It also has a glass on the front for the driver of the rover to see outside while driving. It also have a water tank for astronauts to drink in the way to their last stop.

Solar Panels

Solar panel generates the power for travelling and it also help for heating the water tanker like a geyser to drink for astronauts. Its purpose is not only for the battery of the rover and the water heating but also for the astronauts because if they feel cold so from the air heating system get on. This soar panel generates electricity of 230 volts. like this is the solar panel of my rover of moon.


The astronauts are the one who give a success to the task or mission they got. In my rover thee are 4 Astronauts. One is the driver of the rover. The driver has one steering and a screen to communicate to the space center. The left side astronaut of the driver has a walkie-talkie to communicate to the space center if the screen is not working. The two extra astronauts who are sitting at the back control the air pressure and the solar heater. This is the work of astronauts


Wheels are used for moving the objects in which we can travel or load the things and move them. In the rover we can travel on the other planet. I have used the big wheels for getting the grip on the planet. I have put the strong shockups for the relaxable journey.

Water tank

There is a water tank for astronauts to rink in the way to their journey. There is a heater inside the tank. It help the water to be get warm for the astronauts. The water tank has a pipeline which go into the rover. There is a tap inside the rover for water access.

Antenna dish and Camera

Antenna dish is used to get signals for the screen to get work and for communication. It also help for entertainment on the screen.

Camera is used for taking the picture of under the base part which are the tires. They look that the tires are in good situation or not.

Air pressure controller

Air pressure controller is used to manage the air temperature cold and hot.
Name: Pranav Narayan Narkhede
Grade: 5
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