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Pentakota Abinav's Project

About Me: I am 14 years old. I love to play sports and I play Football, basketball, badminton,etc. I am also very interested in Science. I am very social and I like to talk to my friends. I am also a good leader as I am very friendly, calm, I can come up with solution’s and I listen to others.

About project: My space station is designed to provide a safe shelter for astronauts from all over the world, while still allowing them to do any work they want to do. My space station has an antenna for reliable communication. On top of my Space station there is a light. The light is there so it is easier for incoming astronauts and rockets/shuttles to see where the Space station is. My rover also has an antenna so there is safe communication. The rover also has a camera which can take videos/photos and also act as a sensor and detect motion. My rover has two seats so two astronauts can sit at one time comfortably and safely.
Name: Pentakota Abinav
Grade: 7
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