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Paarth Singal's Project

About Me: My name is paarth singal studying 7th grade from army public school,pune.

About project: Reason for making this rover

Astronauts are able to live without space suits.

They have all the requirements like food, water and also contains a pressure controlling system and temperature controlling system.

It also has cameras to click photos and antenna to send messages to the research center.

It has multilayers for protection and these layers are made up of aluminum.

Working of Each Part

Multi – Layer Insulation

This rover is coated with Multi-Layer Insulation made up of layers of Mylar and Kapton which help to keep heat inside the rover, keep outside heat from entering the rover and protects the astronauts from solar radiation

Titanium tyre

The tyre is made of a woven mesh of zinc – coated piano wire to which titanium treads were riveted in a chevron pattern. This pattern keeps the wheels from sinking into the soft lunar soil.

Pressure Control System

It contains various sets of oxygen and nitrogen tanks that maintain pressure through the use of pressure regulators set to atmospheric pressure.

Oxygen Cylinders

They Release oxygen for the astronauts to breathe

Name: Paarth Singal
Grade: 7
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