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Noah Khafaja 's Project

About Me: My name is Noah Khafaja. I am Lebanese and I live in Qatar. I am almost ten I am born in June 16th 2012. My school name is Blyth Academy and I am in Grade 4. I like to go outside play with my friends on bikes and reading. I want to be a geologist when I grow up.

About project: The Rover has a soler panels that collect energy and that energy will power the Back wheels and the front wheels which are conected to the stearing wheel so the people in the rover can control it. The rover is made out of titaneum to protect it from micro meteorites. The main perpuse of the rover is to scan the poles of the moon so it will be easyier for people to mine the minerals on the poles since poles contain the most rare minerals such as Uraniam for energy and Titanuim to build a strong station at the moon. But now the question is how do we protect ourselves from radiation? Well I got a solution for that which is a 30 cm thick sphere that is made out of a thin layer of gold and multiple layers of glass and Polyethylene-Boron because it can block gamma radiation which is so dangers and can penetrate easily through barriers such as skin and clothing. Gamma rays have so much penetrating power that several inches of a dense material like lead, or even a few feet of concrete may be required to stop them. But now lets talk about the design of my rover I want my rover to have a arodinamic like a UFO and I want it to have a thruster at the botom that runs on liqued fuel and 4 small thrusters that run on oxadizer on each side of the rover and if it runs out of fuel it will use wheels that run on electricity that are powerd by soler panels. I want the body of my rover to be made out of Titanium that has a thin layer of gold on it. My rover communicates with the ground station with a antena that send radeo waves to a satalight and the satalight sendes the information to the ground station and incase the rover gets lost it has 4 camaras that analises the area that sendes it to a computer that finds the location of the rover then sendes the location to a screan that displays where you are.If you want to review what you have done the rover records every movment the rover makes and saves it in a computer.
Name:Noah Khafaja
Grade: 4
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