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Nandana's Project
Name: Nandana Menon
Solid propellant rocket:

The best way to ignite the young minds is by letting them ignite a rocket made by their own hands. The solid propellant rocket is an advanced activity encased in a small pack. It looks pretty simple yet the one who tries to make it will understand the difficulties that lie within. Nevertheless, our students have dared to make this activity. In this process they understood the importance of failure because they were able to improve their model by correcting their mistakes. They apply the knowledge gained in Rocket Science to make it fly. Finally, when the rocket flies their happiness and confidence has no bounds. Science related expertise gained through this activity are: the meaning and importance of Chemical energy, Trajectory, Velocity, Distance, Heat, Solid fuel, Nozzle design. On top of all they get patience, determination and focus.

Feedback about Givemefive

  The course we uptook was very helpful and educational. Nandana thoroughly enjoyed each and every session. She learnt something new every day and cultivated an interest in rocket science through this course. The activities were also very exciting and wonderful. Thanks to Givemefive for this platform.
Parent of Nandana Menon

Feedback about Teacher

  Ashwini Maam was a delightful and friendly teacher from whom Nandana has learnt quite a lot. Engaging in this course with someone eminent in the aeronautical field was very enlightening for her. She has given Nandana a huge inspiration and someone to truly look up to. The course was amazing and the content was very valuable. Maam explained it in a way that was very fun to learn and very understandable for the young ones. We would like to thank Ashwini maam for her dedication and for making this a fun scholastic class to attend !
Parent of Nandana Menon

Teacher Testimonial

  Nandana is a talented girl. She always attended my class with a big bright smile. She has the thirst for knowledge which made her ask appropriate questions. She managed her time efficiently. With her determination and creativity she succeeded in one the toughest projects i.e. launching a solid propellant rocket. Nandana you are a smart and I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors !
Ashwini Ramesh
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