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Mouad Ahmed Maamma's Project

About Me: My name is Mouad Ahmed Maamma I want to become a rocket scientist.

About project: The purpose

The reason I made this rover is to allow astronauts to do their experiments and watching the rover without having to lift a finger allowing astronauts to focus on their work.

And also instead of controlling the rover from earth which takes time we will control the lunar rover on Luna(the Moon).

The rover in the front

For a lunar rover it should have a rover-shaped front to allow the astronauts to travel in the lunar surface and the direction will be controlled with a controller that uses radio waves connected to the 3 antennas of the rover (which control the movement of the rover)to stop the rover from falling into a pit or a large crater.

The shape of the back of the rover

The reason for making the back of the rover spherical is because corners and flat walls are weak points so I wanted the spherical shape to handle to stress of the interior and exterior just as shown in the screenshot
Name: Mouad Ahmed Maamma
Grade: 6
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