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Morgan de Wit 's Project

About Me: My name is Morgan and I am 10 years old. I am Dutch but I've lived in Dubai for my whole life with my brother River (8 yrs old) and my parents. Igo to school at DIA, and I am in the 5th grade. At school, I really like maths,science and P.E (sports), and the teacher usually asks me to help other students. In my free time,I like doing sports and reading books. I play football 5 times a week and I have done for 6 years, which is why I am now a 2nd junior black belt. I also am participating in an event called the World School Games which is a sports competition for running,swimming and playing football. Furthermore, I like listening and playing music,as well as traveling to different countries. Lastly,when Igrow up Iwant to become an astronaut and investigate new things about the solar system and the rest of the universe.

About project: For my moon camp, I followed a few steps to create a rover on Tinker Cad. It has two grey seats, so that astronauts will be able to sit in the rover. It also has a steering wheel placed in front of the seats. At the front of the rover, there is a platform with on top of it a camera to take videos and photos of the moon and an antenna to receive and give signals. Under the backrest of the seat, there is a storage room where food, water and other things can be stored. Furthermore, above the seats, I have placed 2 sensors (temperature sensor and atmosphere sensor) to find out what the atmosphere is like on the moon. On top of the rover, I have placed 3 solar panels to collect energy. If there is no sun, I have stored some batteries in the storage room so that the rover will still be functioning well. Lastly, I also have made sure that the wheels have a good grip and are fit to ride across the bumpy, rocky moon ground. In the future I would like to add a drill or a grab arm to pick up and investigate moon rock. Then I can bring the moon rock to the space station with the rover so that the scientists will be able to study it.
Name: Morgan de Wit
Grade: 5
Be the Next Astronaut like :