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Lunar X's lunar base Project

About Team: I am Ayaan gupta
I am Ahvni hegde
I am Vritti Suvarna
I am Anya Setia
I am Jana Mohammed

About project:
Hello! Welcome to our camp on the moon! We are 5 kids, living the dream of exploring the moon. Our camp has 10 rooms; kitchens, greenhouse, med bay, center/meeting room, gymnasium, land pad room, satellite room, launch pad room, bedrooms and lab. All the food eaten in space throughout the day is healthy, nutritious and very delicious! The exercise machines in the gym are made sure to weigh extra heavy, since we are in space. The greenhouse is filled with amazing plants that are good for health and the lungs as well as the environment. We will be testing the best way to grow plants on the moon. The uniqueness of this camp is, we have personalized statues of each and every one of us on the moon!
Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

On the far side of the Moon

Why did you choose this location?

We choose the far side of the moon because, as we learnt before the moon gets hit by a handful of asteroids. So along with the extra protection (domes with thick walls so the interior is less likely to get damaged) We thought that the far off side of the moon (specifically a flat side) would be the best place to put our simply phenomenal moon camp.
How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

We plan to build our materials with concrete on the outside, however for the interior design we plan to use plaster and dry walls. As we know that these materials would be the most stable while being as light as we possibly could make it.
How do you plan to provide the astronauts with the follwoing things?


The water for the plants at the greenhouse and the astronauts is going to be reused from any wastage like steam and we are going to be processing it in machines. We are also going to send water from earth in rockets.

We are going to be providing our astronauts with the tomatoes, potatoes and Arabidopsis which are going to be grown in the greenhouse; we are also going to be sending food like frozen foods and vegetables from earth.

We are using solar panels to power up the moon camp. The solar panels will produce electricity and the electricity that isn’t going to be used is going to be stored in batteries and it is going to power up the moon camp when there is 2 weeks of night.


Air is going to be transported in rockets with the water. We are also making sure that air does not escape the camp to prevent outage of air and the hydroponics greenhouse we made is also going to be releasing air because we are growing plants there.


The rooms are going to be Whipple shielded by multiple layers of regolith (moon rock). This is to prevent asteroids from damaging our base. The astronauts will repair any damage done by an asteroid.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts
A normal day would start with the astronaut waking up in one of the room dorms, showering, getting ready in the morning like how it would be on earth then making their way through the gravity controlled tunnels into the kitchen to cook or eat breakfast with their fellow astronauts. Even in space astronauts need to keep fit so they can always access the gym but a morning workout helps keep you in good shape throughout the day. Next it’s time for the astronauts to get to work; the main goal of the lunar landers project is to be able to sustainably support life in space, especially plants/food. They check camp parameters, radio telescope, experiment, recycling system. Communicate with robot operators, workshop people, and doctors. So one of the jobs would be to look after or babysit the plants like a gardener on Earth. This would go on for a while as it requires a lot of patience. We want the experience on the moon to be as close to home as possible so after this all the astronauts would group up for a meeting at the meeting room and then have dinner at the kitchen. Then they would be free to hang out with their teammates or have some alone time until they go to bed. This would be a typical day on the moon or a daily routine for any astronauts participating in this project.

Name: Ayaan gupta
Age: 10
Name:Ahvni hegde
Age: 11
Name:Vritti Suvarna
Age: 11
Name:Anya Setia
Age: 10
Name:Jana Mohammed
Age: 10
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