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Luna's lunar base Project

About Team: I am Vedant Mahateley
I am Esther Mary Delmon
I am Rishikesh Sajith
I am Adityavardhan Kaw

About project:
Our project is to create a self sustaining settlement on the moon where we can have energy, water, air and food without help from Earth. We will also carry out experiments on the moon that would be hard or impossible to do on the Earth. We also want the base on the moon to work as a pit stop for future missions to go farther from Earth and that would make space travel much easier. Our group is named team Luna as that is the Roman name for the moon which is where the project is taking place. There will be 8 astronauts in the moon camp and they can stay there for 3 years. We will carry out experiments on how low gravity effects the growth of plants, if there are any materials on the moon, we can experiment how light travels in a vacuum
In our camp there is a greenhouse, restroom, living quarters, area where rockets will land, maintenance room, a nuclear power generator, and a lab. One thing unique about this project is that the experiments are based on how life is affected by the environment of the moon.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Close to the lunar poles

Why did you choose this location?

This is the ideal location because our experiment is to test how animals and plants are affected by the gravity on the moon, coldness and the shortage of weight.
A theory says that the moon was once a part of the Earth which is now separated from the Earth so there might be a few elements that remain on the moon from earth's crust and that would be well preserved in the lunar poles due to low temperatures.
How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

The materials we will use are titanium which are tough but light and moon’s rock and sand. The settlement is made by 3D printers on the moon before people enter the base. The walls will be made from both materials from Earth and also some that may be on the moon
The thing that are going to be supplied is
  1. Seeds to be grown on the moon
  2. Auxiliary solar panels in case of emergency
  3. Required amount of hygiene products.
  4. Emergency construction materials incase of breakage.

How do you plan to provide the astronauts with the follwoing things?


During initial stages, small rockets which have electric engines to go to the moon supply the quantity of water required for the camp operations.
1.The soiled water will be mined with pickaxe and other tools
2.The iced water will be separated from the rock then it will be heated to melt and turn into gas and then the gas will be cooled enough that it turns back into water which they can drink. But before they drink it it will be checked for bacteria, If there is bacteria it will go through the process again.


The process used is aeroponics as it takes much less water and space. We plan to grow lettuce, green leafy vegetables. We have the exact number of greenhouses to give the whole moon base leafy vegetables and fruits. It functions automatically and if there is a problem the astronauts help with the problem. The control room will be monitored by astronautes to see if there are errors. The computers check the plants and see what they need and then tell the astronauts on what should be done.


The energy sources are Solar+battery.


We Use algae and plants to get oxygen. There are pipes to transport the air around. Also, we have air locks to prevent the gases escaping into space. The air locks separate space and the inside of the moon base. N2 is supplied from the dying plants but if there are no dying plants then it will be supplied from earth.


A multiple titanium layer protection is made. Titanium is the material of choice because it’s strong and lightweight. We have 5 layers of this. The camp is protected from meteorites as it is built underground until the moon base is complete. The astronauts will have a temporary base in an area where there is a lot of protection. Even though we are underground, there will be water around the moon base.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

The day of the moon for the astronauts is very long therefore they will follow Earth’s timing. The time table is that they will do some research, get supplies, exercise, also sleep, eat and have free time. The camp parameters, radio telescope, experiment, working of recycling system, communicating with robot operators, workshop people, botanists, doctors etc. will be a part of everyday’s routine. Meeting with ground stations on earth is important to inform about the findings.
Name: Vedant Mahateley
Age: 9
Name:Esther Mary Delmon
Age: 13
Name:Rishikesh Sajith
Age: 12
Name:Adityavardhan Kaw
Age: 10
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