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Joshua's Project

About Me: My name is Joshua and am 10 years old. I love games, playing with my friends and watching TV, I am good in scratch coding and have created numerous projects till now. I like playing Paper minecraft (2D variant of Minecaft), Algodoo and like relaxing. I would like to be a space scientist in future.

My First Project: I have created a classic rocket model on tinker cad when I was in Martian Rocket science 1

Here Givemefive Student, Joshua presents a project called flyby mission from earth to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, His simulation skills is based on the insight he got during the Martian Rocket course.

Here Joshua by giving the input value to find the trajectory path from earth to different planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

This trajectory path helps to finding the many parameters such as deltav, time taken to reach from earth to different planets, as we observed, every mission the value of deltav and time taken to reach their respective orbit is different, by this project we can get to know the distance between earth to different planets of an universe is different and how much far from the earth.
Name: Joshua Eliezer
Grade: 6
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