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JAMN Explorers’ Project

About Team: I am Jishnu vinesh Ramesh, studying in 8th grade in Global Indian school from Ajman.
I am Niranjan Ramesh, studying in 8th grade in Birla public school from Doha, Qatar.
I am Meenakshi studying in 7th grade in Global Indian School from U.A.E.

About project: JAMN Explorers’ moon camp is designed for 6 astronauts to stay, work and enjoy the richness of moon. It consists of:

Satellite: It helps to detect water ice in the moon. The high resolution camera maps the moon surface to detect the landing hazards such as rough terrain and rocks etc. and also helps to monitor the crew. The radiometer gives information about the surface and sub-surface temperatures.

Water-ice factory: The water-ice factory converts the water ice on moon into water for the crew. The ice is melted and water is purified in this factory. The factory is 3-D printed on the moon with basalt rock.

Trash compressor: The trash such as factory waste, bio waste from aeroponics, waste of the crew etc. is kept in the truck and it is dumped in the trash compressor room where it is compressed and used as organic manure.

Laboratory: is used for experiments on the surface of moon.

Toilet: has a pipe that is connected to the waste water plant to purify the water. The door is automated to lock on its own when a person is inside.

Lava Tube: Here the astronauts live safely under the surface of the moon

2 rovers: 1 is a carrier rover and the other a digging rover

Waste Water Plant: used to convert wastewater to a drinkable one There is an entertainment room which has 2 game arcades. Plus there is a lander for take-off and landing.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Lunar lava tubes

Why did you choose this location?

The Lunar lava tubes lies on the boundaries between lunar mares and highland region. This would give access to highlands suitable for communication. Basaltic lands can be used as landing sites as they are flat and are rich in minerals and metals which can be used for setting up the camp. We would look for a lava tube with a diameter of 300 meters to set up our astronaut quarters. Also the temperature here is -20°C and care is taken to provide thermal protection to the astronauts. The lava tubes protect the crew from cosmic radiation, solar radiation and meteorites.

How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Which materials would you use?

Moon camp will be built using 3-D printer and with least involvement of the crew. First, all the materials would be gathered for building the camp. The domes are built with basalt as it can be used for radiation shielding. Iron which has a high tensile strength would be used to build the nuclear power plant and water ice factory. Moreover, it is easy to find iron and basalt on moon. It would take up to 3-4 days to build the camp. Most of the scientific instruments and laptops would be brought from earth to carry research.
Name: Jishnu Vijay Ramesh
Grade: 8
Name: Niranjan Ramesh
Grade: 8
Name: Meenakshi
Grade: 7
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