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Ishaan's Project

About Me: My name is Ishaan. I am 10 years old. I study in Mayoor Private School. I study in, grade 5. I am interested to learn about what is the internal and external structure of a rocket and also about the different types of propellent.

Project title: Falcon Heavy This is Falcon Heavy. I made the external and internal structure along with the launch pad and background. External structure This rocket is a combination staging rocket. It has two boosters and two stages. I added the dragon capsule as the the nose cone. I used shapes like parabolic cone, tube cylinder and swept naca. I made holes in the rocket so I could fit the rocket's engine. Internal structure This rocket has liquid rocket engine in all its boosters and stages. There are nine merlin rockets (nozzle) in each booster and the first stage. There is one merlin rocket in its second stage. I made the tubes combustion chamber and the propellent as well. I used shapes like cylinder, donut slice, sphere and cone. Launch pad and background I tried to make the exact launch pad of Falcon Heavy. I used shapes like tree, cylinder, cube and meta capsule. I made a background as well. I chose a desert background because if I chose a grassy background, all wildlife will die but in a dessert there are very less animals and plants so I chose it. I used terrain to make the background.

Name: Ishaan Shetty
Grade: 5
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