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Ian Sharma's Project

About Me: My name is Ian, I'm in grade 5 and I live in Dubai. I have hobbies like playing the guitar, space, reading and many more. I also play sports like cricket, swimming and badminton. The thing I want to achieve in my life is to be a space scientist. I want to learn about satellites, space and more.

About project: The rover has parts like the antenna, camera, steering wheel, seats and wheels. There are additional parts like a protective layer to avoid winds but light can pass through for the solar panels, solar panels, a gyroscope, humidity and temperature sensors, an impact-proof cushion when the rover lands, a storage box for all the samples that they find on the moon that can be brought back to Earth and a speedometer. All these additional parts can make the rover function smoothly and make it better.
Name: Ian Sharma
Grade: 5
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