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Name: Himakaustubha Raghu
Grade: 6
Satellite model:

Through Space Science course students have learnt the in and out of a satellite such as their working, each parts’ usage, satellite application and more. This topic inspired the young minds so much that they designed a model of satellite using materials available at home and gave life to it by preparing its specifications list which included the complete details of a satellite like their mission purpose, target orbit, orbit type, altitude, challenges that the satellite might encounter and many more during this project.

Parents Testimonial

  My daughter enjoyed and had great experience studying,
Loved the classes
Parents of Himakaustubha

Teacher Testimonial

  Hima is a curious and active kid and was always eager to know more about space-related topics. She used to ask all the doubts from the encyclopedia and make the class very interactive. I was impressed by the way she made hands-on activities.I wish her all the best.
Ashwini Ramesh
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