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Dream Moon Camp's lunar base Project

About Team: I am Gautham Rocky
I am Ian Sharma

About project:
Our moon camp can accommodate up to 6 astronauts and the astronaut will be living there for over 1 month
Experiment- Our main experiment is to check which energy source is the most efficient on the moon: Solar energy or Nuclear energy. It is also an energy backup in case of energy failure.
Satellite-for checking the camp from the top view and provides a warning in case of emergency such as meteoroid or radiation approach towards the camp
Waste management- there is a recycling plant that recycles the various wastes into useful things for the camp and the astronaut. some objects that contain liquid (for example peels of the fruit), can be used as a water source.
Layout- half of the camp is on the ground, all the structures have multi-insulation and the other half is underground. The buildings present here are a garage for the rovers, nuclear and solar power plant, a sample returner of maybe uranium elements on the moon for our experiment, live relay from the CCTV cameras present in every room of the camp is displayed in the screens of the monitoring room, water extraction centre, a launchpad for shuttles. Underground consists of a sleeping quarter, greenhouse, medic wing, kitchen, supply room, toilets, entertainment room, a gym, a laboratory
Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

close to the lunar-south pole

Why did you choose this location?

We chose this location because our experiment is about the energy source that is more efficient and for nuclear energy; uranium is only found at the South Pole. Also, for extracting water as it is only at the poles. We will be using water for a greenhouse, water to drink, nuclear power plant, toilet, kitchen, and laboratory. Moreover, poles have a stable sunlight period which is essential for growing plants.
How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

We are going to build our moon camp in 2 phases: on the ground and underground. The rooms consuming more space would be on the ground and all the rooms meant for the astronaut underground. The materials we will use to build our moon camp are Lead, Aluminized Mylar over Kapton, and Steel.
3D printing is how we will be making our moon camp. The material will be transferred from the earth and some of the materials can be made in space. The solar panels will be supplied from the earth.

How do you plan to provide the astronauts with the follwoing things?


Initially, water will be imported from the earth. Later, water will be extracted from the water ice present in the South Pole using an extraction centre. This also contains a multi-layered filter that will purify the water. Additionally, it will also purify the urine, sweat, and breathing of the astronauts and give it to the astronauts. The water will be sufficient for all 6 astronauts.


Food is packed and supplied from the earth and stored in the storeroom. The astronauts can heat the pre-packaged food in the storeroom or the kitchen. The food will be microwaveable and ready to eat. Also, continuous food is supplied from the vegetation in the greenhouse. We use the hydroponics system to grow our plants. The photosynthesis of a plant will take place from the light supplied by grow lights on the plants because the entire room is placed underground.

We would get power from the solar farms, it contains a battery where all of the solar energy is stored and transmitted to the entire camp. The solar farm is located at the South Pole and the nuclear power plant is a little further away to prevent radiation exposure to the crew. Our experiment contains 2 sources of energy: nuclear and solar power plants, so we are going to test which is the most efficient method of producing energy

There is a room full of air tanks, which is connected to every room in the camp. Oxygen to these tanks is supplied from the oxygen produced by the algae and the greenhouse. Nitrogen is imported from earth for the astronauts to breathe, as pure oxygen is not suitable for humans. Finally, the oxygen and nitrogen are mixed and filled in the tanks.


There is multi-layer insulation on all the surfaces of the rooms over the ground. The multi-layer insulation has 5 layers that will protect the moon camp if an asteroid hits it. For underground rooms, it is already underground, so nothing can hit it.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts
First, the astronaut will wake up in the sleeping quarters. Then, he will freshen up and go up the ladder to the safety camera room to check if there were any failures overnight in the whole moon camp.
After that, he will eat pre-packaged foods or cook something from the kitchen.
He/she might go to the gym for exercise or otherwise start experimenting. Then, he will go start experimenting on the status of nuclear energy and solar energy.
Later, if it is time for lunch he will eat, or if it is not then he will check on the water extracting room for extracting water from the lunar South Pole and then eat.
If the astronaut is bored, he/she can go to the entertainment room and watch T.V or read a book.
They will go experimenting again and it will be time for dinner. After that, they will sleep or talk to the other astronauts.

Name: Gautham Rocky
Age: 12
Name:Ian Sharma
Age: 10
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