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Diksith's Project

OpenRocket Project

About Diksith: Hi everyone, My name is Diksith Loganathan and i live in UAE Al Ain. I study in the school of Al Ain Juniors, I am currently in the age of 10 and in grade 5. My hobbies are to code, play outside and research about space. I also like to draw, color and sketch.
My ambition is to become a space scientist and achieve lots of goals which were thought impossible to do today.

About Diksith's Project:

Most of my projects have taken a lot of time to complete and I think I have made a great achievement completing it. I have done an OpenRocket project which has the Apogee of 480 m in the highest point and the max velocity that the rocket reached was 309.6 KMH or 86 MPS. I have made many TINKERCAD projects named as Seagull 318 rocket, Justin 318, MGRP 354, SG-3124 satellite and the remake of the OpenRocket design in TINKERCAD.



Here is the link to my first version of my website. Upgraded version coming soon.
Name: Diksith Loganathan
Grade: 5
My Drawings:


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