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Beyond Beginnings' lunar base Project

About Team: I am Nels George
I am Nirmal George
I am Atharava Anand Pathak

About project:
Our Moon Camp project is called Beyond Beginnings. We chose this name because this Moon Camp is not ordinary, it is just not a beginning, this Moon Camp is a giant step for mankind for its bright future. Beyond Beginnings will take 12 astronauts to space for 6-7 months. Our Moon camp will include things such as a Canteen, Kitchen, Houses, Lab, Showers, Main Center, Green House (Hydroponic Farms), Nuclear Power Plant, Ice Drillers, 3-D printers, Water Processing Area, Emergency Shelter, Rockets, Ground Expedition Rover, Satellite, Lunar Vehicles and Escape Pods. We will conduct experiments to check if there is any form of life on the Moon like in ice and make the Moon a habitable place. We will also mine the Lunar surface to see if there are any new materials. Our project is based on minimalistic design and some of our designs include a touch of our creative ideas. For example, our elevators are designed so no electricity is needed so the astronauts can climb up easily due to the lack of gravity. Something else which is unique to our Moon Camp is our intentions behind this project as we are doing this to help us achieve our dreams of contributing to this massive industry of Space research and exploration by hoping to start our own Space companies.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Close to the lunar poles

Why did you choose this location?

We chose this location because it is enriched with natural resources such as deep craters filled with ice which we can make water by heating and filtration. Also, here the temperature fluctuation is less extreme compared to other places on the moon. Another reason is the amount of daylight which we get will be apt at this place to grow plants and for solar panels to produce power to run the camp.
How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

We will use techniques such as 3D printing to make some of our structures and for others, we will use transportation to transport some of our parts from the Earth to the Moon and assemble it there such as electronics and vehicles. The materials which we will use for 3D printing will be plastic waste and the lunar soil. These materials will build certain parts of our Whipple shielding, tables and chairs. Few other materials we will use are Kevlar, Steel and concrete made from lunar soil. These materials will be used to build the main base for our buildings.

How do you plan to provide the astronauts with the follwoing things?


We will drill the ice out of the craters, which will be heated to convert it into a liquid state and then filter it to provide our Astronauts with drinking water and provide for our greenhouses and toilets. We will supply water from Earth in the initial stages. We also have a Water Recycling Plant in place to reduce the amount of water wasted by recycling urine. The Water Recycling Plant consists of a filter and heater which will make the water clean and drinkable. We also have a pump which will help the water flow through the pipes quicker.


In the initial stages, we will provide our astronauts with processed and dehydrated foods which will be supplied from Earth using our supplying rocket. As time passes, we will start growing our fruits and vegetables in our greenhouse using hydroponics. We will grow crops such as soy plants, carrots, cauliflower and other vegetables. The greenhouse will be monitored by our astronauts in the main center. We will also have plant-based meat. Furthermore, we will have a supply of emergency foods (Processed Foods) if things go wrong, like evacuating to our emergency shelter which will be underground.

We have two sources of power which are nuclear and solar. As we chose to land on the poles, we have access to a higher amount of sunlight allowing us to use solar panels efficiently. In addition to that, we have a nuclear power plant which will provide us with nuclear energy. Our nuclear power plants will have a nuclear reactor where nuclear fission will take place, then the heat will turn water into steam which will then turn the turbine, which then drives the generator. Our nuclear plant and solar panels will be monitored by our main center using CCTV cameras.


At the start, we will provide oxygen from Earth in liquid form and when we reach the Moon, we will heat it to provide us with O2. Then we will use the method of Molten Salt Electrolysis to provide us with oxygen. This will take place in our Electrolysis plant which will burn the moon’s regolith and we will get oxygen. Then this oxygen will be supplied to each building using our multi-layered pipes. In each building we will have an airlock gate, so no air escapes and we also have sterilizing chambers built into the airlock gate to prevent lunar diseases.


For protection from radiation, we have very thick walls so the amount of radiation on an astronaut is reduced massively. Each of our buildings has a Whipple shield, which is made using Kevlar and steel as they are durable and strong, so it can protect us from micro-meteorites. We have plenty of safety gear in our building, especially in the lab, for example, the eye washer, fire extinguisher, and sterilizing chambers to prevent diseases. We also have specially designed space suits to provide maximum movement and protection during outdoor missions.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts
I wake up in the early morning and I freshen up and brush my teeth. Then I take a towel, pour soap water on it, and wipe myself. Later, by 8:00 I go to the canteen and take some apricots and fresh fruit from our greenhouse. Then I head to the main center for regular inspection of the whole Moon Base using the telecast from CCTV cameras. Then we have a small briefing in the main center, where our tasks for the day are assigned. Sometimes I must perform a few experiments in the lab with my colleagues. For transport, we use our vehicles which are electric and designed so that when we pedal the batteries charge up, this also completes our daily dose of exercise, however, some of the people will exercise in their houses. After I am done with the experiments, I head to my next task which is to make sure our 3D Printers are functioning properly and to refill the ink which is made from recycled plastic from the trash. Then I go and refill the electrolysis plant with some more lunar soil, and make sure that the nuclear power plant and the Water processing plant are working properly. To finish off my tasks I head to the main center and tick all the assignments on my portal. Then, I head for a daily health check-up and then take another towel-bath. Finally, I return home and get sterilized and strap myself to bed.

Name: Nels George
Age: 14
Name:Nirmal George
Age: 12
Name:Atharava Anand Pathak
Age: 13
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