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Name: Avi Malavalli
Grade: 7

An airfoil is the basic element of a wing. The best way to analyse if the shape provided will lift the weight of an aircraft or not is by placing the model in a “wind turbine”. In this activity our students made a mini wind tunnel in which they tested the “Lift force” of various shapes. They understood the complex “Aerodynamics” through this simple experiment. Through this experiment they mastered the Physics topics such as: Bernoulli’s Principle, Velocity, Force, Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

Parents Testimonial

  Excellent training centre with experienced and qualified staff. The teachers were very supportive and friendly. Overall great experience . Teachers are Qualified, friendly, patient and knowledgeable.
Parents of Avi Malavalli

Teacher Testimonial

  Avi is a hyperactive kid. He loved to attend flight science classes. He always got some interesting facts about flights to discuss with me. I enjoyed clearing his doubts. His perfection in the airfoil project was the highlight of the course. I wish you all the best Avi!
Ashwini Ramesh
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