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Atharava Ananad Pathak's Project

About Me: My name is Atharava I am 13 years old. I currently live in Qatar, and study in Nord Anglia International School Al Khor. My interests include programming and learning how to program new programs. I also love Astronomy and learning about it. I love business as well and my dream is to own my own company which will be a space exploration and technology developing company.

About project: The main purpose of this space station is to provide a place for the astronauts to live while they are in space. This space station contains 4 docks for other spaceships to dock onto the space station and let people and goods move in and out of the space station. The space station has 6 rooms on the second floor, 2 of the rooms are living quarters, 1 is kitchen, 1 is the bathroom, 1 is the safe haven and the last one is the command module. The third floor contains 4 massive reaction wheels so in case doesn’t one work the other will do the work. If one reaction wheel doesn’t work, then the astronauts can come up to the third floor and inspect it while staying in the inspection area. The last floor has 4 solar panels which recharges the 2 large batteries. All these floors are connected with one really long elevator.
Name: Atharava Ananad Pathak
Grade: 7
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